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Q3 : Effective English Reconstruction for Post Master Graduates

Only for those who really want to master the English language...

For those young and enthusiastic graduates who got their Bachelor, or Master Degrees in Science and Arts alike, this is a golden opportunity to upgrade themselves to real masters of the English language. 

( 160 hours 35,000 Baht )

There is a crack in the way we speak and write English in Thailand. Nowadays, a lot of people graduated in many different fields of Science, Technologies, Business and Arts.  They got their degrees, of course.   But deep inside the minds of those young graduates lays a deep crack about the English language.  They are not sure of the way they handle it, knowing fully that mastering of English would bring a new world full of different promises.   Promises of better job surroundings, higher income, better working conditions., and of course, better carrier opportunities and higher and more stable promotions.

People in Thailand were never colonized.  Unlike their regional counterparts, in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and elsewhere, they find it very difficult to understand the English language thoroughly.  They find that it is very, very difficult to begin to speak English correctly, whatever the surroundings.  Some lack listening skills.  Others have no confidence to what they are going to speak at all.  Some others not even understand what they hear at all.  Many cannot write as they wish to. Many more speak, write and read wrong English as their habits.  They all took it for granted that others, especially their bosses and other foreign alliances,  would give them an excuse.  All lead to the in the lack of confidence of the usages of the English language, despite all their degrees, and past trainings.  Certainly, there are some, but very few, who could manage to handle the language confidently.

Most of them try to get a remedy.  They sat for more exams.  Some manage to apply for a short course of English.  Many went abroad.  Many more evade the situations by just sitting and applying for jobs that do not deal directly with the use of English.  They do know that they miss their golden opportunities, but there are no ways out.  They are trying desperately to find their ways out of the rut.  There must be some way to heal the crack.

Here comes a rescue.  An overall reconstruction of the English language.  Our Q3: "Effective English Reconstruction for Post Master Graduates" is a tuition course especially designed to remedy the situation.  We give you up to one and a half years to cure the wound.  By fully analyzing your weak points, we give intensive personal tuition to what you need, specifically.  And, of course, our teacher is fully qualified to cure.  A master Pichai has collected more than 15 years teaching experience of English, worldwide.

An MBA graduate in Economics and Education from the University of
Southern California, (USC) back in 1977,  Pichai had spent more than 25 years in the fields of education, computer and telecommunication, and journalism, in the USA, and many other countries.  But what he had the greatest love in, is teaching English.  His only concept and determination is to make people in Thailand fluent in speaking and writing good English.  And this course has been specifically designed to suit just this.

The teaching class will be extremely cozy, friendly, and relaxed.
Only  6 qualified students, with 2 tutor assistants will be allowed to attend in a single session.  But intensive studies require true determination and sacrifices too.  And we fully realize your time is most precious.  So short but effective assessment of the level of your understanding of the language, by personal appointment, will be applied first, before actual training and tuition would take place, and a 220-hour remedy be applied. The tuition will be concise, up to the point and extremely effective,  with abundant of lessons, reference books, and home work to do.  Only those who are fully determined and who can sacrifice their valuable time and resources, should apply for the course. The results will certainly be an overwhelming multiplication of what have been invested.


Here are the course details : -

Grammar :    The aim of learning this course is to enable each student to be able to pass the TOEFL and TOEIC exams easily.  All important grammatical cores and essences will be thoroughly taught and fully practiced throughout the year long learning session.

Repetitive grammatical lessons will be applied and tested time and again to ensure that all students know and understand their mistakes, even if they unskillfully make them again.  Be certain that you will be good at Grammar this time.

The details of the Grammar section are:-

 - Parts of speech....Learning to know the important components of the English languages namely, Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Verb, Adverb, Preposition, Conjunction and Interjection....and their implementations. 
 - Tenses and the implementation of tenses....Learning to master the usages of tenses in full and practical surroundings.
 - Knowing the actual usages of Finite and Non-Finite verbs, namely Infinitive, Gerund and Participle and also the complex uses of all the helping verbs in particular.
 - Comparing the usages of Direct and Indirect speech in details.
 - Making Question-Tag sentences to support confirmative instances.
 - Try using the If - Sentence to make different comparative suppositions.
 - Making comparison between the different types of Clause, Sentence and Phrase......
 - Transformation of Sentences from Simple to Compound and Compound to Complex, and vice versa with practical and informative exercises will be fully studied.
 - Try implementing the Analyses and Syntheses of Sentences to make use of the highest level of the in-depth understanding of the English language, all carried out with an abundant array of practical exercises.
 - All lessons will be tested and retested time and again every month, to ensure full understanding of all exercises and to master English confidently, at least in grammatical writings and compositions.

Reading and Listening Comprehension:

All classes will be taught using the English language, both in reading, writing, and usual conversations between the teacher and his students almost all the time.  The students will be familiarized with the way a good English speaker would speak.  He will be encouraged to respond to whatever question in English.  Classes would be extremely friendly, cozy and English intuitive.

Intensive reading, emphasizing on pronunciation, accentuation, correct "Sine Wave" stresses, and the full material understanding of the essence of the words and phrases, will prevail. Students will be encouraged to think, read, write, and speak in English, confidently. Various reading materials in all fields, such as in traveling, sports, business, entertainment, and education will be fully supplied. Newspaper reading, including the Bangkok Post and the Nation, would be the core essence of the current situation readings here.  Practical discussions in English would also be greatly encouraged. 

Cozy class atmosphere will be highlighted and evaluated all the time.  A lot of lessons and home work on current situation reading would be assigned.  All inter group discussions will also be encouraged to be carried out in English with the full advice of the teacher both on grammatical and conversational mistakes, and examples.

Writing and Composition:

Of course, we also emphasize on good writing and composition as part of our pursuit of excellence in our English language tuition. Building of necessary vocabularies requires a lot of time and effort, but under proper settings, our students will feel less of a fatigue.  All exercises on writing and compositions will be based on surroundings requested by the students.  Whether he or she is a secretary, an office manager, or a vice president of an export based corporation, the vocabularies will be set to suit each particular working situation, for each group of the particular students.

Emphasis would also be taken on the way and the writing methods in which the students in each group exercise, so that all would get the shortest and best way to describe in writing, what he or she wants to, correctly both in grammatical and structural sentences. 

Group Conversation in Preset Surroundings :

Apart from normal day to day practices on basic conversations, stresses will also be put on the learners actual work surroundings and vocabularies.  The least you get are all the vocabularies at your work place plus all the important vocabularies from all the supported books on the reading and comprehension sessions. 

Furthermore, we would arrange to have group discussions on specific subjects in English which are related to the learners best known subjects, to further enhance the overall spectrum of their speaking skills.  For those who are less skillful there are great opportunities here and there to cultivate your familiarization with the English speaking circumstances. Lessons and exercises are plentiful and handy.

Job Interview and Resume Writing :

Practical interview and resume writing in English are also analyzed and practiced.  Students will have to sit for emulated interviews in many different fields of job assignments and task schedules.   Full and practical assessments of each individual group of students will be put to tests.  Our students will be fully familiarized with all questions relating to what good applicators should speak during an interview.  Plenty of resume writing examples will be studied and implemented to make sure what to tell the new bosses about.

Public Presentations and Conference Addressing :

The students will also be prepared with the theme and subjects to make presentations in the public emulated surroundings, and he or she would be arranged with a set of speeches to deliver.  Although all the themes and subjects are fully pre-arranged, the students will at least be provided with the actual senses of the presentations, thus making them more confident to apply these effects in actual surroundings.

Actual conference addressing will also be emulated also with all those presets and arrangements.

Translations and Document Presentations :

Translation is an art and not just a skillful practice.
Only those who pass all the exams here are adorned with the art of making a good translation script. Templates are provided covering almost all formal, government-related documents, whether they be a Marriage, Divorce, Visa, and Passport applications, and others.

Document presentations, with computer- aided designs
and gimmicks, could be very skillful studies. Our institution would always be glad to help in this matter. We have all related computer- aided designs, programming, networking, web-presentations, and animation courses to enroll. In all these subjects, your mastering of English would greatly help push you ahead of your competitors in all fields.

Outdoor Presentations of New Lessons :

Efforts are prepared to make outdoor presentations of our lessons practical, but further arrangements will have to be made before actual presentations are possible. Consultations will be held among both the students and the teacher to enable this. Further developments, including the invitations of well-known professors and teachers in all related fields to engage in our English lessons, are on positive trends and we will keep on pushing this concept ahead.


Courses layouts and summaries...

Teaching Styles : There will be only 7 students in a class. Students will be divided into 2 groups in a single class, with only 3 - 4 students in a group. The main tuition will be very private and attentive to each individual group. Lessons will be applied to each competitive group. The entire course scope will be fully discussed and approved by all in the group. The tuition will be assessed time and again every 2 months and necessary measures taken to improve the tuition styles and methods to suit the overall group in a session. The way you love to learn makes it much easier and more encouraging for you to study.

Teaching Surroundings : English speaking is prevail, and Thai is spoken only when necessary to make the lessons more understandable. A lot of computer notebooks, CD ROMs, flash drives, and sheets, with other high technological teaching media in a private room, would be handy to enable the shortest and most effective way of learning. Outdoor classes, in different surroundings are encouraged once every 2 months, to cultivate more interests in the lessons.


Teaching Periods, Hours and Costs: 

The core essence of the courses will be almost the same but three different teaching classes will be applied namely :

a. Q3a. Workday Evenings :  Class begins every Monday and Wednesday evening at 18.30 - 20.30 p.m., for a 2 hour session throughout a one year period or about 160 hours. Each individual attends 2 evening classes, both on Monday and Wednesday in a weekly session. Further appointments could be made during the teaching hours, to enable flexible periods of tuition for the specific students in the group. The attendance fee is Baht 35,000 per person, excluding tax, payable 14 days in advance.

b. Q3b. Saturday Sessions:   Class begins every Saturday. There are morning and afternoon classes. Morning class begins at 10.00 a.m. - 13.00 p.m., for a 3 hour a week session. Afternoon class begins at 14.30 - 17.30 p.m. Total course will last up to one and a half years or up to 195 hours of intensive teaching. Each individual has to choose whether he or she should apply for a morning or an afternoon class. Further appointments could be made during the teaching hours, to enable flexible periods of tuition for the specific students in the group. The attendance fee is Baht 45,000 per person, excluding tax, also payable 14 days in advance.

c. Q3c. Sunday Sessions :   Class begins every Sunday morning and afternoon. Morning class begins at 9.30  a.m. - 13.00 p.m., for a 3 and a half hour weekly session. Afternoon class begins at 15.00 - 18.30 p.m. Total course will last up to one and a half years or up to 220 hours of intensive teaching. Each individual has to choose whether he or she should apply for a morning or an afternoon class. Further appointments could be made during the teaching hours, to enable flexible periods of tuition for the specific students in the group. The attendance fee is Baht 49,000 per person, excluding tax, also payable 14 days in advance.


Certification and Authorizations :

Those who have attended up to 140 hours of intensive training in each course and have passed 65% of our rigid exams will be bestowed with our institution certificate and be provided with job invitations to almost 20 known corporations. Those who fail in 3 successive exams, have less than 65% attendance time, will be requested to retire, or move to the beginning in a new class with other groups of attendants, and are subject to extra charges.

Exams will be held once every 2 months, and results assessed and declared in due course. Extra charges are applied to those whao fail in their exams and who wish to revise their lessons on specific subjects related to their weak results. All examinations will be strictly applied on different subjects and group of students according to their respective tuition instances.

Enrollment Periods :

Enrollment is a "Once a Year" opportunity and is now open!! Make your decision soonest. Only less than 80 students could enroll a year. There are only very , very few seats left. The first comers will benefit the most. 


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